Recent necrology, June 2014

Some well-known people who have died recently Gerard Benson, 1931-2014 Poet who brought Hardy and Milton, Auden and Yeats to the London Underground Patsy Byrne, 1933-2014 Actress with the RSC who later played the dim-witted Nursie in Blackadder Felix Dennis, 1947-2014 Hedonistic publisher behind Oz and The Week who dreamed of being a great poet…
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Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

If you indulge in the odd spot of social networking on Facebook, you may have seen the lashings of “likes” for a post with the cheeky Polish saying: Not my circus. Not my monkeys. First I smiled. Then I panicked. What if my plumber, dentist, bank manager, underwear sales assistant, even (though this would never happen!) my library…
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