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Popular music resources covering the mid-20th century to the present day.

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Key features

From acid house to zydeco, and from Acapulco to Zanzibar, Bloomsbury Popular Music provides unrivalled scholarly coverage of modern popular music worldwide, covering the mid-20th century to the present day. Access a broad and expanding range of content including:

  • Fourteen volumes of the landmark reference work, Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World,
    featuring top international contributors
  • Over 120 titles in the widely acclaimed 331⁄3 and new 33 1⁄3 Global book series, providing in-depth analysis of influential albums across diverse regions, genres and eras
  • An expanding selection of scholarly titles, from biographies to historical overviews—spanning thought-provoking themes to support research and learning

More information

  • Browse seamlessly between influential artists, albums, musical eras and genres—all content is linked and cross-
    searchable, helping users to connect information and navigate directly to relevant material
  • Discover interactive features such as a Timeline of Popular Music to enhance understanding of albums and artists
    in political and social context, and a World Map which guides users to content by region of interest to their work
  • Cite, share, save or print content easily, including books, chapters or other items—perfect for research or group projects
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