About English for Health Professionals

An online English course to assist overseas trained medical professionals to meet the language proficiency levels required for registration in New Zealand.

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Key Features

English for Health Professionals has two courses, one for Nurses and one for Doctors. The courses are designed for those who wish to improve their spoken communication skills: pronunciation, accuracy and appropriate language for communicating with patients.

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This Course has 6 modules for Nurses working in a hospital and other medical environments.

  • The morning handover
  • A day on the ward
  • Working with colleagues
  • A bit of tender loving care
  • Talking about your patient
  • The afternoon shift handover


This course has 6 modules for doctors to help with communication with patients.

  • How can i help you today?
  • Lets have a look at you.
  • A pain in your chest
  • Well, your heart sounds...
  • A plan to keep you well
  • Useful phrases
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