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Key Features

Lexis Advance - is an online legal research platform which has a simple search box at the top. Titles available on this platform include

  • The Laws of New Zealand: an encyclopaedic work that covers the statutory, regulatory, and judicial law of New Zealand;
  • New Zealand Forms and Precedents: designed to provide a precedent for every legal transaction;
  • New Zealand Law Journal: provides articles on a range of legal issues;
  • New Zealand Legislation: Includes current and archived statutes and regulations
  • Personal Grievances: aims to provide a practical guide to the largest category of disputes between employer and employee
  • Privacy Law and Practice: deals with laws around personal information

Lexis Practical Guidance is now available through the same platform just switch in the to left corner to Lexis Guidance for practical advice and checklists on the following legal topics

  • NZ Business Law
  • NZ Criminal
  • NZ Family
  • NZ Insurance
  • NZ Resource Management
  • NZ Social Justice

This was previously known as LexisNexis New Zealand Law.