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Key Features

Popular Music Library is part of the Alexander Street Music Online: Listening Plus family. It provides access to music that is not available in their more genre specific collections. You can search by keyword or browse by:

  • Instruments;
  • Performers/Ensembles;
  • Publishers;
  • People;
  • Genres.

You can also build playlists using content from anywhere in Music Online. You can annotate your playlist, keep it at a permanent URL for private use, or share it. You can also send songs to your mobile phone.

More information

Popular Music Library contains a wide range of popular music, including hundreds of thousands of tracks from major genres in pop music, including alternative, country, Christian, electronic, hip-hop, metal, punk, new age, R&B, rock and soundtracks.

Artists include: Gloria Gaynor, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Kool & The Gang, Edith Piaf, Rod Stewart, The Sex Pistols, A Flock of Seagulls, Tanya Tucker, Naughty by Nature and Liberace. So something for everyone!

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