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Electronic reference library of technology, digital media, business and management titles.

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Key features

From artificial intelligence and mark-up languages to desktop publishing and networking, Safari  Books Online contains eBooks from a wide range of publishers such as O'Reilly, Peachpit Press and Adobe Press. Using Safari you can:

  • Conduct searches across all of the technical books in the Safari bookshelf;
  • Read books from cover to cover or simply flip to the page you need;
  • Browse books by category and view video content;
  • Search selected books for specific words or phrases and sort results;
  • Email pages to one or more recipients;
  • Read publishers shortcuts — which may provide details on a specific topic or introduce new technology or advances before a great deal of information is publicly available.

More information

This selection of Safari Books Online is called the Christchurch City Libraries Custom Collection — a specially-tailored subset of titles from the Safari Basic Premium Library for members of Christchurch City Libraries. Safari Tech Books Online subjects include desktop and web applications, information technology, management and software development, maths, business and science.

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