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Online access to view standards on the Standards New Zealand web site.

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Key features

Standards are agreed specifications for products, processes, services, or performance. New Zealand Standards are used to enhance products and services, improve safety and quality, meet industry best practice, and support trade. This web site enables users to find:

  • Standards by industry;
  • Information about standards cited in legislation or regulation;
  • Current, superseded and withdrawn standards;
  • New Zealand (NZS), and joint Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS) standards;
  • Information on why standards are developed, by whom and how.

Of special interest to Cantabrians is the New Zealand Standards and Earthquake FAQs under the "news" tab.

More information

Our library subscription entitles us to online access to all New Zealand (NZS) and joint Australian & New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standards that are available in PDF format. Some Standards, although current, are not available in PDF format, and are therefore not available as part of this online service. At this time any international Standards such as ISO, IEC and BSI, are also not available as part of the Online Library service. All of these may be purchased from the Standards New Zealand website.

Library members may download a single copy of a Standards New Zealand document for viewing purposes only. Standards may not be downloaded to a CD ROM, data stick, floppy disk, personal computer, laptop or other portable device. The retention of any downloaded Standards New Zealand documents, whether in hardcopy or electronic form is expressly prohibited by copyright law. Standards can only be viewed online within community libraries. You can search for standards by:

  • Name, keyword or number;
  • Industry: i.e. Mining and minerals, Construction materials and building;
  • Status: current, draft, suspended and withdrawn;
  • Publication date and search relevancy.

Standards New Zealand FAQs