William Rhodes Moorhouse

William Barnard Rhodes Moorhouse was a young man with a taste for speed which ultimately led to his own death in World War I, but also the deaths of two people, one on New Brighton Beach. Although born in England in 1887, through his mother he was affiliated to Taranaki, Ngati Tama and Te Ati…
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Toku ara o te reo Māori / My te reo journey / Moja te reo pot

It was enchanting, impressive and compelling from the very first moment. As all the best things in life, it happened so unexpectedly and it was something completely different! Although my life has been kindly providing me with opportunities of diving into various languages ever since I can remember, learning te reo Māori has been without…
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Light your October with Diwali

Diwali is an ancient Indian festival of lights. It is usually celebrated in the autumn season in India.The literal translation of Diwali (also often spelled Divali or Dipavali) is an array of lights. On Diwali night people light up candles and lamps and decorate their houses. The festive mood brings happiness and harmony among people…
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