Bee Aware Month

My neighbours are doing it. Michelle Obama is doing it. They’re keeping bees! The National Beekeepers’ Association of New Zealand is highlighting the importance of bees, and this month is Bee Aware Month. Bees around the world are in trouble. A world without bees would be a very bleak place indeed. Much of our food depends on…
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In a bit of a jam

I always read the list of Fiction new titles that comes out each month. The librarian who creates this list puts enough information to whet the appetite and nicely indicates books that might appeal to all tastes. Jam by Jake Simons was a good example of this and made me curious: A state of the…
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The Circle by Dave Eggers

Every now and then you read a book that you want to tell EVERYONE about and The Circle by Dave Eggers is one such book. Mae has just been employed by The Circle, a social media company that operates out of a sprawling campus with state of the art everything, including on tap entertainment, luxurious…
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