The sacrifice

Disturbing. Troubling. Uneasy.     These words stayed with me as I read The Sacrifice. This is a sharp and pointy book. It caught my attention. I was curious from the beginning as the first words sent shivers down my spine. Seen my girl? My baby?  She came like a procession of voices though she…
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All The Bright Places

If you like...               then you will want to read… Meet Theodore Finch and Violet Markey in this poignant story about life, death, wanderings, and Post-It notes. The story begins with Finch talking Violet down from the ledge of the school’s bell tower where she is frozen with fear…
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Two page-turners

Recently I collected two books from my holds, looked at them, and wondered why I had reserved them. I took another look, the covers and blurbs piqued my interest. Luckily for me I took that second look. The cover of Salvage has a young man with the word hope tattooed on the back of his…
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