Honey, Hives and Hierarchy

I don’t believe I have ever read a fantasy book before, science fiction sure, but not fantasy.  After a long reading hiatus, I was perusing a list of books nominated for various recent awards to kick-start me into reading again. I must confess it was the cover of The Bees by Laline Paull that hooked me in…
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My life in books

I was busy, as librarians often are, discharging returned items one day and to my surprise, I noticed I had discharged three DVDs, one right after the other, in the right order, which uncannily mirrored a pretty large chunk of my life so far – all in three movie titles! We Bought a Zoo encapsulated the child raising years, where at…
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Getting all those ducks in a row

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anally retentive, neat freak – the terms are out there. I’ve always been a little obsessive about order. When in stores, often red and large, my husband comes up to me and whispers “You’re doing it again”, and I realise I’m organising the bins of DVDs, making sure they are all up the right way…
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