BeesBiosecurity is about protecting our country from infectious diseases, agriculture pests, invasive species which threaten native species and genetically modified organisms. This page is a guide to information sources.

A good starting place for information is the official government website Biosecurity New Zealand. It is the lead agency in New Zealand’s biosecurity system and contains useful information about current and potential biosecurity risks such as varroa mite and bird flu. It has official information for importers and exporters and travellers and also promotes policies for the humane treatment of animals, and is a key participant in the ongoing animal welfare debate.

For some international perspectives, Wikipedia is a good starting point.

Canterbury has two research centres which are key players in biosecurity and pest management and their websites are full of useful information:

Bio-Protection Research Centre
Centre for multidisciplinary research and development to meet the biosecurity and pest management needs of plant based primary industries and natural ecosystems. Based at Lincoln University.
Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research - Pest Management
Useful links and information about the research done by Landcare at Lincoln, into introduced animals and plants. Information on possum, stoat and ferret control, weed identification and control, and the impact of pests on our natural environment.

Within the Canterbury region and Christchurch City there are several key agencies working on controlling pest plants and animals:

Plants and Animal Pests
From Environment Canterbury which regional responsibilities for monitoring and controlling pest plants and animals.
Christchurch City Environment and ecology
Information from the Christchurch City Council on such issues as biodiversity and weed control in the city.
Canterbury Weedbusters
Volunteers working together to reduce the threat of weeds to New Zealand’s natural environment. Have regular weedbusting projects.

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