Clare reviews the book Swim. "Swim is a really lovely book about the connection between us and the waterways throughout these islands. Author Annette Lees is a conservationist, and her passion for the special watery places explored is evident".
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Adrian Hayes: One Man’s Climb – WORD Christchurch

As a lover of missions into the mountains, and as a daughter of climbers, I have spent a fair amount of time both recounting and listening to accounts from high places. They are tales replete with hilarity, high excitement, physical exertion, trial, tribulation, and sometimes, tragedy. They are ever-engaging, and can serve as vehicles for self-reflection – how…
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Bored of games? Never!

Trying a new board game can be intimidating, especially faced with a hefty rulebook (and sometimes hefty price) and hundreds of differently coloured pieces. Or maybe you love board games but struggle to find others to play them with you. If either applies to you, why not come along to Tūranga's new weekly board games…
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