Little Blog of Large Print: Get Snug in August

"Why should we break up Our snug and pleasant party? Time was made for slaves, But never for us so hearty."  - Billee Taylor, Act I, scene II

Tūranga's getting snug over August! And what better way to beat the chilly month (although we seem to have been blessed with lots of sunny days) than to get cosy. I never need much encouragement to chill out and be a bit lazy, especially after a long day or week. My favourite lately is to flick on my electric throw rug (highly recommend - so toasty!), grab a cup of tea and one of my 'willing' cats, and snuggle up in my comfy chair with a book, movie or crochet project. Stereotypical perhaps, but undeniably snuggly.

My go-to audiobook at the moment is one of my favourite books/movies of all time - William Goldman's "abridged" version of a tale by "S. Morgenstern", The Princess Bride. It really does have everything; adventure, revenge, giants, wily Sicilians, true love, and great tongue-in-cheek humour. If you haven't read or listened to this one before, it's well worth it.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

Over August, Tūranga is channelling the snug vibe, from a special snug area in Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4's Facilitation Space, to giant blanket forts. Every Thursday, from 6-7pm over August, you can also come in to listen to live readings of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (all ages welcome!).

About 310 people came to the blanket fort event from 11am-3pm, to make their own little snuggly and fun section of the larger fort. From tucked away alcoves, to walls bridged by a tube to flick rubber-bands through for 'fort warfare', it looked to be a hilariously fun Saturday afternoon.

Now, to bring this back to large print and accessible formats, I've got a small selection of cosy reads from a variety of different genres.

Starting with the aforementioned favourite classic. A hilarious romance adventure starring "farm boy" Westley, and the "beautifulest lady" Buttercup. Adventure, swashbuckling revenge, gentle(ish) giants, and true love are all wrapped up in this witty classic.

I'm a sucker for some cozy crime, and what better mystery to curl up with on a cold, mid-winter day than the Queen of cozy crime's Poirot's Christmas.

A gentle fantasy-romance (quite heavy on the romance), Beguilement is the first in Bujold's The Sharing Knife series. There are evil forces, 'malices', who drain the life essence from all things, and the mysterious Lakewalker patrollers who protect people from them. Fawn, a young farm girl is drawn into this world when she meets Dag, an "old patroller" who helps her defeat a malice who had kidnapped her.

For those who prefer to relax with a good bit of nonfiction, Code Girls discusses the often overlooked 10,000 American women who served as code breakers during the Second World War.

Based on true events, Burial Rites is the story of Agnus Magnusdottir, a woman sentenced to death for her role in a double homicide in Iceland, 1829. Placed with a local official and his family while awaiting her execution, the story is a beautifully expressed human tale about love, loss, desperation, and what people will do to survive.

For fans of classic horror, snuggle up with a Susan Hill book. Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, has traveled to Eel Marsh House to attend the funeral of the owner, Mrs. Alice Drablow. The house and town have been plagued by a spectral woman dressed in black, who now has her sights on Arthur as he discovers the dark secrets off Eel Marsh.

An interesting read for fans of craft beer and its history, this looks at the McCashins, the first kiwi craft beer makers. Read about the challenges they faced, as well as learn about craft beer a bit more generally.

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