The Adventures of Library Susan ~ Part Nine

Hello again. Yup, here we are, Susan and me, back again for another tiny adventure!

While we were deciding what to do this week, Susan told me that surely it must be time for her to have another costume. I never need too much persuading to make something new, so then we just had to decide what to make. Susan had so much fun at the playground last week, I thought we should get out of the house again this time. Susan thought it would be fun to climb trees, so... a bird costume seemed just the thing. I love owls, so an owl hat is what I made! I think it looks pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.*

If you like owls too (and who doesn't?) then you're sure to enjoy some of the stories I've chosen this week.

What a Hoot

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To finish off your owl adventure, you might like to make an owl of your own. Toilet paper has been in the spotlight a bit lately, and it turns out that the humble loo roll looks adorable when decorated up as an owl! You can keep it super simple like this Doodle Owl from Red Ted Art, or decorate it up a bit more, like these owls from Curious and Geeks.

Ka kite! Susan and I will be back again with another tiny adventure next week, and you can catch up on all our other adventures here.

Cover of Animal Hats by Rachel Henderson*If one of your tamariki (or you!) would like an owl hat, honestly it was really easy to make. I just cut a rectangle of fleece long enough to go round Susan's head, and wide enough to reach from her eyes to her crown with a bit extra for seams. In the middle of the rectangle, I sewed on circles of fleece for the eyes, and with the biggest circle, I left the edge loose then cut snips right round up to the stitching to make the feathery look. Then I stitched the short ends of the rectangle together. I folded the rectangle (now a big ring) so the seam was in the middle, then stitched one long side together to make the top of the hat. Then on the other long side, I folded under about 2cm and stitched it down. I cut two triangles of felt for the beak, stitched them together, turned them right side out and stitched them on between the eyes. And that's it!! You might like to take a look at Animal Hats for some more inspiration. I love the polar bear hat!!

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