Genre guide – Saga fiction

This page links to recommended reading lists for a range of Historical fiction sub-genres as well as other Historical fiction resources. It also lists authors whose work you may like to try - including familiar names and some that may be new to you.

Saga fiction typically follows multiple characters through stories that can span years, generations, and locations - sagas are monumental tales of a family or families' journey through life. Think 'Outlander',  'Gone With The Wind', even 'Lord of the Rings'.

From fantastical adventures, romantic escapades and great historical events, to the ups and downs, victories and tragedies of everyday folk, whatever your flavour of storytelling let yourself be swept up in some truly epic tales.

Like fiction set in the past? You might find some great reads in our Historical fiction genre guide too.

Authors of Saga fiction

Recommended reading

Classic Sagas

Classic sagas have plotlines arising from seemingly hopeless, depressing circumstances. Themes often include overcoming adversity, gentle romance, the strength of family bonds, and finding happiness, but also the challenges of working class life, domestic unrest, and the plight of women. Not necessarily literary masterpieces, their appeal lies in their feel-good, uplifting narratives and endings. Many of these are works of historical fiction, with the First and Second World Wars being popular settings, but some are more contemporary. Britain seems to be the country of choice. They are generally easy and gentle reads, with sex and violence at a minimum.

Fantasy Sagas

Stories that span generations and explore the struggles of life are a regular feature of the Fantasy genre. Here we have a list of titles that will transport you into the lives of others – lives that you could never have even begun to imagine, in places you will wish really existed. You’ll find strange characters, some with unusual abilities, but all of them want the same things as us – love, respect, comfort, and family.

Historical Sagas

If you like epic, enthralling tales that often span generations this is the list for you! Most of these stories are based on historical events, places or people, often entwining sub-stories, giving us a wider-than-life view of the world. While sitting in your 21st century living room immerse yourself in the drama of the past!

Outback sagas

Whether historical, romantic or contemporary, Australian outback and rural settlements have a long history of providing inspiration for fiction. With an emphasis on small, tight-knit communities and the relationships that flourish and flounder under the extremes of climate and geographic isolation, these tales are full of adventure, cultural explorations, and the human condition.

Prairie Life

Stories that explore the nature of life in the West. Against a backdrop of vast prairies, rocky inhospitable mountains, and dusty trails; the tragedies, joys, conflicts and struggles of the people that inhabit these lands play out. Perfect if you like your sagas in a rural setting.

Romance Sagas

Romance Sagas are all about the romantic chase, lusting after the 'one' or perhaps the burning desire that lasts years upon years fuelled just by the memory of her sweet face. These tales are rich in detail and with characters "oh so dreamy" you'll wish they were real. 

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