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Access to over 90,000 classical music tracks — from Gregorian chants to present-day recordings.

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Key features

This eResource includes tens of thousands of licensed recordings that you can stream but not download. The content ranges from Medieval to contemporary, from choral works to the avant-garde. Classical Music Library allows you to:

  • Search by combining multiple fields, including: artist, composer, instrument, genre, time period, work or opus number, soloist, ensemble, record label and more!
  • Create, save and edit playlists. You can also copy and paste from other playlists and share your playlists with others;
  • Read supplementary information provided with audio tracks;
  • Listen to multiple versions of works to enable comparative listening.

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More information

The Classical Music Library is part of the Alexander Street Press Music Online: Listening Plus family. It aims to offer the widest selection of performances by great artists, and to provide unusual selections required for teaching that may not otherwise be available — such as oboe solos, for example.

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