Consumer Rights

Do you know your rights as a consumer? This page lists resources where you can find helpful and official information about consumer rights.The best place to start is the Ministry of Consumer Affairs which provides information on your consumer rights with goods, services and shopping.

Other useful sources of consumer information

Consumers Guarantees Act
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs explains the Act.
Store policies
Stores committed to good customer service will offer a no-questions refund. Check out the policies of some major stores: The Warehouse, Farmers.
Consumer NZ
An independent, non-profit organisation which provides products and services information, reviews and advice including legal rights.
The online magazine requires a paid subscription. Christchurch City Libraries has copies of the Consumer magazine at many of its libraries.
Consumer guides on Trademe — Consumer NZ has supplied Trademe with a number of buying checklists for a wide range of items and includes general advice for consumers.
Borrowing money or buying goods on credit
Consumer rights under a consumer credit contract from the Commerce Commission, this covers prepayment, cancellation and hardship situations.
Citizens’ Advice Bureau
Nationwide community organisation giving consumer advice online, by phone or at their offices.
Fair Go
Long running New Zealand television show for consumers. Watch previous episodes online. Message board.
Consumer Issues
More websites we recommend.

Sector-specific information

Code of Rights for Consumers of Health and Disability Services
Establishes the rights of consumers, and the obligations and duties of providers to comply with the Code. It is a regulation under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.
A free, independent money guide run by the Retirement Commission. Covers all aspects of financial information for New Zealanders — retirement, saving, budgeting, insurance, managing debt etc.
Power Switch
A free, independent site where you can compare prices for gas and electricity supply.
Consumer Build
Independent and up-to-date information for consumers about building, buying, renovating and maintaining houses.
Real Estate Agents Authority
Government agency that regulates the New Zealand real estate industry. Information for buyers and sellers, complaints process
Banking Ombudsman Scheme
Investigates and resolves disputes between customers and their banking service providers. Independent and free.
Insurance and Savings Ombudsman
Free independent service for consumers with a complaint about services provided in New Zealand by participating financial service providers including insurance companies and financial advice companies.

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