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well yesterday i was fooling around with my girlfriend. i touched my penis and got precum over it. then i rubbed her … is she pregnant? what should i do? i dont want to tell my parents, im only 14. John, 14

Dr G replies:
Hi John
Any contact between semen and a vagina could cause pregnancy, however it would seem reasonably unlikely that this would occur following the activity you describe. You do need to be a bit more careful when you are fooling around. In the future you may need to think about using condoms for contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Talk to your girlfriend about these matters as well.

I have just had unprotected sex and I have been getting a sore stomach. Could this mean I’m pregnant?

Dr G replies:
In my experience the sore stomach has little to do with any possibility of pregnancy and more because you are worrying about it. However because you have had unprotected sex there are a number of things to sort out. It would be a good idea to see your local doctor or youth health centre about an STI check up for infection and, if your period is over a week late, a pregnancy test as well. It would be a good opportunity to discuss the Pill and condoms for the future protection and freedom from worry.

If i have sex during my period and my boyfriend has an orgasm in me can i become pregnant? thanks. Anne, 17

Dr G replies:
Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while you are having your period - less likely, but possible. Also be aware that withdrawal i.e. pulling out is not reliable as there can be some sperm (precum) produced before the man has an orgasm. If you don’t want to have a baby you need to be using a reliable form of contraception such as the Pill. It may be time to go to see somebody about this. Go to your local FPA (Family Planning) Clinic, to a Youth Health Centre or to your doctor. Using condoms as well will also protect you from STIs.

Hi I’m 14 and I think I’m pregnant. What do I do?

Dr G replies:
The first thing you need to do is to have a pregnancy test to see if you are indeed pregnant. You can get a free pregnancy test in Christchurch from your GP, from 298 Youth Health Centre (298 Barbadoes Street), Family Planning (9 Washington Way), the Sexual Health Centre (33 St Asaph Street), or from your school nurse. If you live in another part of New Zealand go to your GP, local youth health centre, Family Planning clinic or Sexual Health Centre. You can also buy a pregnancy testing kit at a pharmacy.The sooner you can find out the better.
In the meantime some things to think about; how to tell your mother if you are. There is no easy way to do this, just tell her (no texts).
The next step, if positive, is to go to a doctor to talk about your options. That is your family doctor, 298 Youth Health Centre, or Family Planning. Let's hope it's just a late period because you've been worrying. If you are OK this time, seems like it would be a good idea to talk to a doctor or nurse anyway, about safe sex. You know, condoms and the Pill. Good luck

If you have unprotected sex then get your period on the same day do you take the morning after pill (PCP) within the 72 hours or after your period finishes? Jessica, 15

Dr G replies:
Hi Jessica
It would be very unlikely that you could get pregnant if you have a regular 28 day cycle and had unprotected sex on the same day you started your period. If you want to discuss this further it would be a good idea to make an appointment at Family Planning and see one of the nurses there. They could also discuss reliable contraception with you. The ECP is good for emergencies but not ideal long term. Take care, Jessica, and look after yourself.

I just had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, but he swore he took it out of me before his cum came out, can I still get pregnant if he swore he took it out?

Dr G replies:
Yes, even him swearing he pulled out won’t make a difference. Any contact between an erect penis and a vagina can transfer cum and sperm. So it would be a good idea to get a check up for sexually transmitted infections and if your period is late, a pregnancy test. Please consider using condoms, that way you will have less to worry about, as they give good protection from babies and infections.

What is the process of a medical abortion?

Dr G replies:
If you are considering an abortion it is important to get onto it as soon as possible so talk to your doctor, Family Planning Centre or Youth Health Centre. They can refer you on to your local abortion service. Two doctors need to agree that you have legal grounds for abortion. The safest time to have an abortion is before 12 weeks. The process includes counselling to make sure this is the right decision for you. Talk to your doctor about the medical aspects of having an abortion.

I was messing around with my girlfriend and I wasn’t wearing anything and she was just in her underwear. We were kissing and rubbing against each other. Can she get pregnant?

Dr G replies:
Any contact between a penis and a vagina can cause a pregnancy. To be more precise, precum (the fluid present on the end of an erect penis) can contain sperm. Therefore, any contact with your girlfriend’s vagina, or in some cases underwear, and your penis could lead to a pregnancy. Be smart, use a condom every time. Practice using condoms now even though you may not be having full sex.

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