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A comprehensive multi media reference source for high school and tertiary students.

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Key features

Student Resources in Context provides topic perspectives by integrating a variety of content, including:

  • Reference articles, periodical, and newspaper articles;
  • Over 4,000 primary sources;
  • 100,000 multimedia records, including charts, graphs, maps and tables;
  • Video and audio content;
  • Factboxes to provide a quick overview of biographical highlights on individuals;
  • Related Topics and weblinks to aid the discovery of other relevant content.

More information

Student Resources in Context can offer valid information from encyclopædias, magazine and newspaper articles, primary documents, pictures, audio and video files through a single entry search point. Alternatively you can browse topics alphabetically or by subject grouping such as Science and Health, Literature and the Arts, and Social Issues.

Integration with Google and Microsoft

Gale Cengage has integrated this eResource with Google and Microsoft. At the top of each page there is an option to sign in. If you have an account for Google you can save Gale content as Google docs into Google Drive or Google Classroom accounts. If you have a Microsoft account you can store, sync and share downloaded Gale content to your OneDrive account and easily transfer downloaded OneDrive content for use in other Microsoft tools like OneNote and Classroom.


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