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Access to online full-text reference books on every major subject. Includes images, sound files, videos and news reports.

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Key features

Credo Reference contains searchable reference books from some of the world’s leading publishers, including Bloomsbury, Sage and Penguin. Interactive features include:

  • Topic pages which are an easy starting point for reasearch;
  • Images, video, news reports and audio content;
  • "Mind maps" where you can enter a subject to create a visual brainstorm that helps you find related terms;
  • Tools including an image library, crossword solver, quotation finder, biographies and a pronunciation tool with audio files;
  • A multilingual interface that can be changed to Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic and Polish;
  • Applications that allow you to print articles as PDFs, bookmark, save and share entries using email, Twitter and Facebook;
  • Citation management – export saved results to the your tool of choice, such as EndNote.

More information

Credo Reference was formerly known as Xrefer Plus, which initially provided free access to several dozen reference works before expanding its catalogue and renaming itself as Credo Reference in 2007. The library provides access to Credo: Public Core to provide subject matter across all areas of human interest. Titles include: