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Key features

In addition to the entire World Book Encyclopedia, World Book Online Reference Center features:

  • Primary documents: includes first person narratives, treaties and diaries. Includes the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand’s 1893 Woman’s Suffrage Petition;
  • Computer and web tutorials;
  • Pathfinders: collections of resources, including primary documents and multimedia focused on a variety of topics;
  • Links to New Zealand government web sites;
  • An eBook collection featuring thousands of items;
  • "How to": documents on skills for living, including applying for jobs and budgeting;
  • Interactive maps and atlas that intergrate with Google maps;
  • Research skills tutorials — planning and conducting research.
    • All articles can be printed, emailed or saved to individual accounts. Each article also includes a source citation.

More information

This is the online version of the popular World Book adult encyclopedia. World Book have also created World Book Online InfoFinder for young adults and World Book Online Kids for children.