We have Chromebooks available for library members to borrow free of charge for use in the library.
Available at these locations:


Library staff reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time and/or revoke Chromebook use as needed.

Can I borrow a Chromebook?
Yes, you can borrow a Chromebook if you are an adult library member aged 14 years or over.

Is borrowing a Chromebook free?

Can I take the Chromebook home or use outside of the library?
Our borrowable Chromebooks are for your use inside the library only. You may borrow a Chromebook during your visit to the library and you are required to return it before you leave.

How will I know if there is a Chromebook for me to borrow?
You can search the catalogue to view Chromebooks available. At present you cannot place a hold on a Chromebook. Visit the library to borrow the Chromebook which is a first come, first serve service.

How long may I use the Chromebook for?
You can use the Chromebook for the day. You must return the Chromebook when you have finished with it and before that library closes. Please return the Chromebook to a library staff member.

How many Chromebooks may I borrow at the same time?

Can I print?
Yes, you can print using Mobile Print.

Can I save?
Yes, you can save your work online to your online storage account, eg Google Drive, or to a USB flash drive.

Can I watch video or listen to audio on a Chromebook?
Yes. You must use headphones if you wish to listen to any audio, including watching videos with audio. Earbud headphones are available to purchase at the library.

Can I use phone or video apps on a Chromebook?
Yes, you can use Skype, Zoom, Meet, etc. You must use your own headset rather than use the built in microphone and speakers, and please show consideration to other library users.

Do I need a Gmail account to use the Chromebook?
No but if you do not have one already we recommend that you create a free Google Gmail account to get the most out of using the Chromebook including creating, editing and saving documents online.

What if I need to visit the bathroom?
Do not leave a Chromebook unattended at any time. If you need to step away, take the Chromebook to a library staff member.

How can I ensure my personal data is wiped from the device when I have finished using it?
Select Exit session from the task bar and then select Sign out now.

Exit sessionExiting sessions

What happens when the Chromebook Exit session is selected, or powered off, or restarted?
This will wipe your personal data from the Chromebook browser history. Any files saved on the Chromebook are also deleted and the configuration is set back to default. The library is not responsible for any lost data or documents.

If I exit my session or restart the Chromebook can I log back in?
Yes, you can have multiple sessions on the Chromebook up until the time you are required to return it.

What if I need additional help to use the Chromebook?
Library staff can help get you started and provide general assistance. If you require further assistance, you can Book a Librarian.

How do I return the Chromebook?
Always return the Chromebook to a library staff member at the information desk. They will then check in the Chromebook which removes it from your library card. Chromebooks are not designed to be returned through a returns slot or library returns pad.

What happens if I return the Chromebook late?
The library reserves the right to refuse future service to anyone who is repeatedly late in returning equipment. See our Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

By using this Chromebook service, you agree to abide by our Library policies. This includes to:

  • maintain computer and network security
  • avoid viewing indecent or pornographic material
  • abide by the copyright laws of New Zealand
  • keep the device with you & remain within the library
  • take good care of the device.

You agree to return the Chromebook

  • in the same good working condition as borrowed
  • on or before the agreed time and before this library closes.

For your security all personal files & data are wiped at the end of the session. Save your work online or to an external USB drive before exiting the session. The library assumes no responsibility for damage to removable drives or loss of files. Christchurch City Libraries reserves the right to remotely disable any device that is overdue or has been reported lost. Failure to comply with these Terms of Service may result in suspension of library privileges.

About Chromebooks

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a simple laptop running Chrome OS as its operating system. On a Chromebook tasks are performed using the Google Chrome browser, with most apps and data residing in the cloud rather than on the machine itself.

You can save your work straight to a free Google Drive account (or onto your USB memory stick). This means you can start a document at the library and save it in your Google Drive account then open it on your phone, computer or other device later on.

We have the ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 “2-in-1” model available to borrow. This model features:

Touch screen display


Tablet mode

360 degree hinge to change from laptop to tablet mode


USB-C, USB 3.1, microSD ports and audio headphone jack

Chromebook Apps

Google Docs Editors Suite

  App Type Info
Docs Word processor Compatible with Microsoft Word
Sheets Spreadsheet Compatible with Microsoft Excel
Slides Presentation Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
Drawings Diagram Create flowcharts, wireframes, mind maps
Forms Survey Create an online survey
Drive File Storage Google Account cloud file storage app
Photos Photo Google Account photo share, store & edit

Microsoft Office Online

Requires a Microsoft account to login EG or

  App Type Info
Word Online Word processor  
Excel Online Spreadsheet  
PowerPoint Online Presentation  
OneDrive File Storage Microsoft OneDrive cloud file storage

Google Web Store Apps available on the borrowable Chromebook

  App Type Info
Chrome Browser Web browser
Files Utility Comparable to File Explorer or Finder
Gmail Email Google Account Gmail app
YouTube  Online video platform View and share videos
Camera  Camera Take photos or record videos
Canvas Drawing editor Draw and edit graphics
Polarr Online photo editor Edit photos
Zoom Video communication Online video chat and conferencing

Chrome Extensions available on the borrowable Chromebook

Software programs added to Chrome to make it better. Look for the jigsaw icon in the toolbar.

Input Tools
Language input switcher

Change keyboard input to one of over 80 languages including Māori.

Supports macrons.

Language display translator Converts text from one language to another
Accessibility Font switcher - changes the website you are viewing to use the OpenDyslexic font
Remote Desktop Share-a-screen tool Log in to your Google account to share your screen with another person. Requires a one-time generated code.
Skype Voice, video, chat tool Log in with your Skype or Microsoft account to use.