Gale Interactive

Gale Interactive

Zoom in. Out. Rotate 360 degrees. Imagine what it’s like to face complex science concepts with more knowledge, less fear. Gale Interactive accomplishes this and more by giving students the power to see science beyond static text.

Gale Interactive: Chemistry - Learn about the periodic table, elements, crystals, molecules and compounds, reactions, and chemical processes.

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy - Examine the human body with virtual 3D dissections including musculoskeletal system, cardiology, vascular systems an more

Gale Interactive: Science - Bring Science to life with interactive 3D models that empower students to better visualize and understand concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science

Clicking through each session reveals reference content which users can search across or use to discover additional supporting materials. Creating a fully engaging experience, Gale Interactive is perfect for in-classroom demonstrations or to help students individually gain a deeper understanding of science concepts.

System Requirements

Please note this product does not work in Internet Explorer, we recommend you use the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. The desktop viewer is only available in the library.

  • Interactive with G (Google) Suite for education and Microsoft Office 365 tools enables users to easily share, save and download contend including highlighting and notes.
  • Can be used on desktop or mobile device.

Gale Interactive

Gale Interactive Science

Explore science from every angle. Authoritative, high-quality digital content is paired with interactive 3D models.

Gale Interactive Human Anatomy

An innovative learning aid that allows students to examine virtual 3D dissections and immerse themselves in interactive research.

Gale Interactive Chemistry

Explore elements, reactions, crystals, molecules, and compounds. Users can explore 3-D models by zooming in, rotating, and dissecting them.
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