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Photos from our digital collection

  • Mr Simpson’s Book and Stationery Depot, High Street, Christchurch [ca. 1885], CCL PhotoCD 12, IMG0058
  • Policeman outside the Literary Institute, Library & Reading Room, Rangiora, North Canterbury [ca. 1890], CCL PhotoCD 5, IMG0021
  • Simpson & Williams, 238 High Street, Christchurch [1925], CCL PhotoCD 6, IMG0007
  • In the Canterbury College Library : the Acting Librarian, Mr Hardie, is seen facing the camera. [1926?], CCL PhotoCD 3, IMG0055
  • The ground floor Reference Library, Canterbury Public Library, 109 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch [193-?], CCL PhotoCD 8, IMG0018
  • New Zealand Room opened at Canterbury Public Library [30 Apr. 1956], CCL PhotoCD 8, IMG0017
  • Ngaio Marsh in old age, one of the last to be taken of her [between 1980 and 1982], CCL PhotoCD 17, IMG0041
  • Canterbury Public Library staff outside the new library building on the corner of Gloucester Street and Oxford Terrace [1982], CCL PhotoCD 11, IMG0091

Books and reading images on Kete Christchurch

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