Mihimihi and Te Reo Māori resources

Cover of Let's learn Maorimihimihi is a formal greeting that involves people introducing themselves and telling us a bit about where they come from. You may need to include Māori versions of place names in New Zealand. The following resources and tips may help.

Online dictionaries and translators

Te Aka online dictionary
Designed to complement Te Whanake language course.
Online Ngata dictionary
English-Māori, Māori-English.


Cover of The Complete Māori-English DictionaryA dictionary of the Māori language by Herbert W. Williams
Māori-English dictionary.
Te kete kupu: 300 essential words in Māori
Alphabetical list of Māori words, with each word used in a sentence.
Te Matatiki: contemporary Māori terms
Māori dictionary covering modern and technical words in English and Māori. Full and pocket versions.
A modern Māori picture dictionary
Groups words into themes and includes English translation.
The Reed dictionary of modern Māori by P. M. Ryan
Māori-English, English-Māori. Full and pocket versions.
Tirohia kimihia: a Māori learner dictionary
Monolingual Māori dictionary with entries and definitions.
English-Māori Dictionary by Hōri Mahue Ngata
English/Māori and Māori/English dictionary. Good for students. Full and pocket versions. See also Ngata Online Dictionary.
Te Aka by John C. Moorfield
English/Māori and Māori/English. A comprehensive dictionary that comprises a selection of modern and everyday language.
Cover of The Raupo Dictionary of Modern MaoriThe Raupō dictionary of modern Māori by Peter M. Ryan
English/Māori and Māori/English. Full and pocket versions.
A dictionary of Māori words in New Zealand English edited by John Macalister
Demonstrates how many Māori words English speakers already know and use sometimes without knowing it!
The complete English-Māori dictionary by Bruce Biggs
English to Māori only.
He pātaka kupu: te kai a te rangatira Raupo
This beautiful and comprehensive dictionary is published entirely in Te Reo Māori. For serious second language learners students to fluent speakers. Includes Atua categories.

Proverbs and phrases

Cover of Maori phrasebook and dictionaryCollins Māori phrasebook and dictionary
Set phrases used in oratory, conversational phrases, and dictionary. Easy to read.
He kohinga kīwaha
Sentence structures and phrases entirely in Te Reo Māori for more advanced learners.
Ngā pēpeha a ngā tīpuna = The sayings of the ancestors
A collection of traditional Māori proverbs with translations and explanations.
The Raupō book of Māori proverbs
Several hundred proverbs categorised under a large number of headings, with translations and explanations in English.
The Raupō phrasebook of modern Māori
User-friendly phrasebook for beginners and emergent speakers. Helpful vocabulary lists.
The Reed book of Māori proverbs
Traditional Māori proverbs and translations grouped by subject with index.

Online courses

Study the basics of the Māori language, through online video movie lessons.
Te hunga akoako – For learners
Learning resources including interactive conversations from Kōrero Māori.
Te Whanake language course
A course for beginners to advanced. Books and study guides are also available from the library.


Cover of Māori made easyMāori Made Easy: For everyday learners of the Māori language
Encourages learners to commit 30 minutes a day for 30 weeks, to adopt the language easily and as best suits their busy lives. See also Māori at Home: An Everyday Guide to Learning the Māori Language.
Te Reo Taketake Ko Te Pū: A Māori Language Course for Beginners
Self-directed coursebook using contemporary language and real-life situations. Comes with audio CD.
Pronounce Māori with confidence
An easy beginner’s pronunciation guide. Book with CD-ROM.
Reo Māori o Nāianei
A beginner’s course in modern Māori featuring songs and exercises. Workbook and CD-ROM, volumes 1 and 2.
Te Whanake
A course for beginners to advanced. Book for levels 1-4, study guides levels 1-3. Includes online version.
Community courses
Listing from CINCH, our community directory.

Television programmes

Māori Television
The Te Reo Channel has 100 per cent Māori language programming.
Tōku Reo
A Māori language learning course for absolute beginners. Designed by Professor John Moorfield, Tōku Reo works with an interactive website to reinforce and encourage further learning.
Kōrero Mai
Kōrero Mai teaches Māori in an easy, clear and fun way using drama in the form of a soap opera, as well as a tutorial each week to maximise learning.