About PressReader (Formerly PressDisplay)

Large digital newspaper and magazine library. Full-page replicas of current print editions, including editorial content, graphics and advertising. Can have up to ninety days worth of back issues.

db-PressReader-CKEY606600Use at a library or enter your library card & password / PIN

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Key features

PressReader gives you same-day access to more than 2,000 newspapers and over 500 magazines from around the world. With PressReader you can:

  • Enjoy full-page replicas with their traditional format and layout, including complete editorial content, graphics and advertising;
  • Print, email and share individual pages or single stories;
  • Read up to 90 days of back issues depending on the newspaper and magazine.
  • Explore newspapers and magazines in over 60 languages.

To enjoy all the benefits of the PressReader including the ability to customise what you see then you will need to set up your own account using your email address and password.

Why set up a PressReader account?

How to set up a PressReader account

More information

Most New Zealand newspapers are available — including The Press, The Dominion Post and The New Zealand Herald, as well as many smaller, regional publications. There are also a variety of New Zealand magazines including The Listener and the New Zealand’s Women’s Weekly. International coverage includes over 200 Australian papers and magazines and major newspapers from most parts of the World.

Most titles available through PressReader have records that can be found through the library catalogue.

PressReader features

Getting started with PressReader videos

PressReader mobile app

Image of PressReader appGet 10 newspapers or magazines a day from around New Zealand and the world on your phone or tablet.

Download the PressReader app for Apple or Android devices and read your favourite PressReader newspapers and magazines in a format designed for your phone or tablet.

How the PressReader app works

If you’re in range of Christchurch City Libraries’ free wifi network, the PressReader app becomes a "hot spot" enabling you to download up to ten newspapers through the PressReader app daily for the next 24 hours, free of charge, and then read the newspapers offline wherever and whenever you choose.

If you’re not within one of our libraries, you can activate the PressReader " hot spot" app by logging in to the PressReader website as a Christchurch City Libraries member.

PressREadermoneyFind a paper and Choose “Open this issue in PressReader App”. That will activate the App "hot spot" for 48 hours.

To download newspapers for free

Get the app

  1. Download the PressReader app from the Apple app store or Google Play store.
  2. The App comes with seven free newspaper downloads after which you would normally be expected to pay, but with the new library PressReader service you can download ten free newspapers daily while inside a library.
  3. Explore PressReader with your seven free downloads.

Download your ten free daily newspapers

  • Visit your local library.
  • Connect to the free wi-fi.
  • Open the PressReader app.
  • Download up to ten newspapers or magazines daily to read offline, anywhere you like.

Accessing PressReader from home

Free downloads with the PressReader app only work within the Christchurch City Libraries’ free wi-fi network but you can read them anywhere once you have downloaded.

You can also access PressReader anytime, anywhere using your web browser on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Why is the PressReader app asking me for money?

Remember: you will need to log in again through Christchurch City Libraries every 48 hours or the app or browser will forget you are a Christchurch City Libraries member and start asking you for money.