Is this the real life?

Confession time. My reading tastes tend towards non-fiction. Not exclusively, but you’re far more likely to see me curled up with a good gardening book or a lush costume history than a weighty fantasy tome. This can make things slightly awkward when it comes to reader advisory (“You work in library - you must have…
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A natural quartet

I've recently been delving into some "recreational non-fiction" reading! Recreational non-fiction is what you might call stories based on fact that read as easily as a novel. This can be particularly true of memoir or biographies, and I've come across four such titles that I would like to recommend to you, the Christchurch reading public…
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Can you handle the truth?

The truth can be rough, can be inspiring, or depressing, or fascinating - or all of the above. Good biography writers know that, and know exactly how to grip you in with stories of real people and the astonishing lives they've lived - or are still living. Biographies are a way to see history and culture…
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