Seaweek 2019

Have you ever wondered where all the water goes when it rains? Have you ever wondered what happens when anything other than water ends up in the river or swamp? All that water - and anything that's in the water - ends up in the sea. That shouldn't be a problem, after all, it's just…
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Podcast – Food waste

Christchurch City Libraries blog hosts a series of regular podcasts from specialist human rights radio show Speak up - Kōrerotia. This show is created by Sally Carlton. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-biggest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the United States. Added to this immense environmental impact is the social impact: How much food is…
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A natural quartet

I've recently been delving into some "recreational non-fiction" reading! Recreational non-fiction is what you might call stories based on fact that read as easily as a novel. This can be particularly true of memoir or biographies, and I've come across four such titles that I would like to recommend to you, the Christchurch reading public…
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