Father’s Day

Bring it on - I am prepared!! On Sunday 4 September I will be armed with both a card and a small gift to celebrate the fact that I have a long-suffering but wonderful father. When considerably younger I possibly needed a 'mental jog' about the impending event from my 'constantly on my case' mum…
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Celebrating Father’s Day

Father's day makes us pause, remember and show love and appreciation for our dads. Some of us resist the  overt commercialism of it, while others of us love to buy gifts; either way most of us find it impossible to ignore. So kids everywhere, young and old, make or buy cards and plan something special…
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Happy Father’s Day

Kia ora and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. Search our catalogue for stuff about fatherhood, fathers, and daddydom, and here are some Dads from our photo collection (including mine): Tuckered Out at Governor’s Bay. Justine McKelvey’s brother and father relaxing after a Sunday Day picnic at Allandale, Governor’s Bay. March 1963. Kete Christchurch…
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