Reading Guide to Marvel’s Star Wars Comics: The Miniseries

Three main Star Wars comic series have been produced since Marvel began releasing comics set in the Star Wars Universe in 2015. Several other short-run series and miniseries have been released that generally focus on specific events or characters. Marvel has also released graphic novels of all of the new films, most of which include additional scenes. The reading order is not as important for these series, but there is still a chronology that can be followed and the books fall into four specific eras.
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Reading Guide to Marvel’s Star Wars Comics: The Main Series

The Star Wars film series has spawned comic books since its very beginning. In April 1977, Marvel Comics began its long-running series that ran until June 1986. Two other comics based on the Ewoks and Droids television series of the mid-1980s were also produced, ending in July 1987. But Marvel ultimately forfeited its publication license to Dark Horse Comics…
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Holiday boredom-busters

The holiday season is upon us and it's a great time to spend time with some quality books, movies, and music. Here are some titles that will tantalise you with their mystery, entertain you with their storytelling, amaze you with their creativity, and leave you with a sense of satisfaction. We've got Fiction, Audiobooks, Graphic…
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I’m possessed by Joe Hill

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill has been republished in a 10th anniversary edition. Heart-shaped Box You'd expect someone who grew up inhaling Stephen King stories to emulate him. Millions of us grew up reading King and elements of his stories are part of the soundtracks of our lives. The same can be said of…
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Surprise yourself!

If you had told me a year ago that I would be rushing home from work to do some knitting, watch Doctor Who and read children's comic books (not all at the same time) I don't think I would have believed you. However, sometimes it's really good to go back to old hobbies, re-watch something you…
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The joy of coding

At school in England in the early 1980s I was given the opportunity to join an afterschool computer club. The only problem was that, being the early 1980s, our school didn’t actually have a computer. We had to write our programs in thick, dark pencil on stacks of cards that were taken away to a…
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Angel Catbird and Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood has written a Graphic Novel? Wait, what? Angel Catbird Who'd have thought the popular award-winning Canadian novelist, poet and short story writer would put out a comic book. I'm amazed. And Angel Catbird is amazing! Harking back to early comics of the 1940s, this entertaining story has all the elements of the genre. Surviving a near fatal collision with a car, his…
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It’s raining Raina

It seems apt to be writing about American cartoonist Raina Telgemeier's latest graphic novel Ghosts (released September 2016) after a night or two of 'dark and stormy' wild weather across the country. I lay in bed snuggled up with my children to keep warm, making up spooky stories to tell them as the wind lashed…
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