Meremere – Christchurch Arts Festival 2019

Unfortunately, the land of opportunity turned into a nightmare for Rodney and he ended up homeless, living rough on the mean streets of San Francisco. Meremere is Rodney's story of survival. Meremere portrays Rodney's experience through spoken word, music, dance and multimedia design. Despite the grim nature of Rodney's experience, Meremere is, above all, a story of hope and wonderment - and a testament to the human spirit.
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Record Store Day 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I am not getting into the Yuletide spirit eight months early. I am talking about the day when music obsessives of all stripes gladly part with a big ol’ chunk of cash – Saturday 13 April - Record Store Day. Record Store Day began in 2008…
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