Mockingbird Songs

There are very few books that I would give five stars to in a review, however Mockingbird Songs is one. R. J. Ellory is one of my favourite authors and I have enjoyed many of his award winning novels. However with his latest novel Mockingbird Songs I felt he had taken his writing to a…
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Redneck Noir is Ace!

O.K., show of hands on the part of all those mature and discerning viewers of televised crime fiction who remain baffled and uncomprehending of Television New Zealand’s decision to discontinue what was arguably one of the most engaging, different, and exciting “redneck noir” crime fiction series to grace our Free to Air screens in recent…
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New Year’s Resolution (3)

Going so well on my 2014 New Year’s Resolution to read seven books off The Guardian’s Best Books of 2013 list, I’ve finished my second book. It’s called The Silent Wife, by A. S. A. Harrison, who sadly died before the book’s world-wide release and great success.  John Lanchester called it funny and sharp, someone…
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