Scratch and grab

When I told various people we were thinking of getting a couple of hens they assured me we would love having them. My thoughts were more along the lines of: chooks = garden turned over and manured = eggs. Not 'chooks - I'll love having them in our life'. The first few nights of the fat bottomed…
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Chook lit

The children are adults and left the coop so we thought we'd fill it with chooks instead. I blame my gardening hero Janet Luke - she who has quail, rabbits, miniature goats, bees and ducks at her place. That's eggs, meat, milk, honey and more eggs. Not sure if she has started killing the ducks yet, but she…
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Keeping Poultry

In Christchurch you can keep poultry (apart from noisy roosters) on your residential property. Whether you take in rescued battery hens or try out a fancy breed, keeping healthy, productive poultry can save you money — plus you’ll enjoy the great taste of home-grown eggs. A few basics about keeping hens Poultry breeder Heather Cole…
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