Make music at Peterborough Street’s Sound garden

GAP Filler's Sound Garden will be officially launched at 100 Peterborough Street Thursday 26th March, 5pm-6pm so come along and create an alternative beat for our city. BOOM bang buzz, whine wheeze WHOMP, squeak squawk SMACK, clang clatter CRACK these are the sounds of our city! These days the rumbling of mortar grinding and the jangling of steel being…
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Volunteering is a rewarding way you can make a difference in your community — plus you can meet people and learn valuable skills. This page links to resources to help you find organisations and service groups who use volunteers to get vital work done. Volunteer display, South Library. Flickr CCL-2012-04-05-IMG_1042 Local voluntary organisations Volunteering Canterbury…
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Volunteering for community duty

The closest Nigel used to get to a real fire was a training exercise at Christchurch City Council. That all changed in 2003 when the library’s technical project manager joined the Diamond Harbour Volunteer Fire Brigade. In this interview he shares some of the challenges and rewards of his time with the crew. What motivated…
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