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Access to the world’s largest online classical music library of streaming music. Includes standard and rare recordings, album notes, reference and tuition material and the ability to create personal playlists. Continually updated.

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Key features

Naxos Music Library [NML] offers streaming access to more than a million tracks of both standard and rare repertoire. Over 800 new CDs are added to the library every month. Naxos allows you to:

  • Search by composer, work, genre and label; by keyword search and by a sophisticated advanced search engine with up to 11 combined search criteria;
  • Create personalized playlists by using your email address, or use predefined Naxos Music Library playlists;
  • Read the Libretti and synopses of over 700 operas and liner notes for many recordings;
  • Review playlists for graded music exams (ABRSM, Trinity/Guildhall) in various categories and grades;
  • Listen to classical music podcasts;
  • Learn the proper pronunciation for composer and artist names and see an overview of important musical terms.

More information

While the primary focus is on the standard classical repertoire, Naxos has a solid range of jazz classics, some blues, rock and contemporary jazz and an extensive range of world music. Spoken word and contemporary instrumental music also feature.

The music is available in high quality 128K, 64K, or 20K audio streaming. You can only stream music online - it cannot be downloaded.

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