Library technology and apps

This page is about the technology that you can access in our libraries. Information about using the technologies that we offer is available in our How to & FAQ.

Computer access

All our libraries offer free access to personal computers and printer/copiers and the internet as well as free WiFi available 24/7. Computer access and printing is managed through the Pharos system. Follow the links below for more information about:

Printing, 3D printing, copying, and creative resources

Getting help

Having problems with library technology? Ask a staff member if you're in one of our libraries, try our LiveOnline chat service (in the Help menu, top right) or fill out our technical help form.

Library Apps and Tools

We have a number of Apps and Tools available for library users.

Library Catalogue / Your Account

The Bibliocommons app allows you to easily search for titles in the catalogue, reserve them and manage your account.

Use third party services like Library Elf and Library Books for Mac to get overdue alerts.

eResources with apps

Most of our eResources will just work on your mobile device but the following have apps to use:

Other apps and tools

Library Collections

We have a wide range of technology titles in our collection from learning how to use your new device to computer programming, electronics and engineering - just search the catalogue for whatever you are looking for.

eResources such as O'Reilly Books Online and LinkedIn Learning have tutorials and reference books for learning everything from digital photography to computer networking. There are also technology titles in our eBook collections.

Programmes & classes

Our libraries and learning centres offer a variety of options for learning about technology for the very young to seniors.

For preschoolers

For school children

For adults

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