O'Reilly for Public Libraries

Electronic reference library of technology, digital media, business and management titles. From artificial intelligence and mark-up languages to desktop publishing and networking, O'Reilly for Public Libraries contains eBooks, online courses videos and playlists by experts in their fields.

O'Reilly for Public Libraries has thousands of eBooks, Videos and online learning covering a range of subject areas including -

  • Business
  • Career Development
  • Data
  • Design
  • Hardware
  • IT Security
  • Math, Science & Engineering
  • Software Development
  • System Administration
  • Travel & Hobbies
  • Web & Mobile

Books are updated yearly, so you know you have the latest developments in fast moving areas of technology and business. Tech books are from the current year and the previous two years, business books are from the current year and the previous three years.

The O'Reilly app is not able to be used with your library card, O'Reilly can only be used streaming in a browser.


O'Reilly for Public Libraries

A vast collection of ebooks, videos, case studies, learning paths, expert playlists, and more from O’Reilly and nearly 200 other publishers.
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