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Science fiction, mystery, adventure and more - find your next favourite read at the library.

Explore our section devoted to fiction. You'll find staff picks and recommended reading in a range of genres, award-winners, local book events and more.

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New fiction

New, on order, and recent fiction that library borrowers have given 5-star ratings.

New, just ordered and top-rated fiction titles in the catalogue

Genre reading guides

Whatever kind of fiction you're into find lists, new authors to try, and staff picks.

Featured fiction

Short stories reading guide

Looking for something you can read easily in a lunch break? Find short stories in a range of genres, hand-picked by librarians.

Fiction reading guides

General fiction reading guide

Whether you prefer books that are lighthearted or serious, literary or more down to earth our reading guide can help you find your next read

Science fiction reading guide

Gazing toward the stars? If you like stories set on alien worlds, inter-species politics, and space travel try our science fiction guide.

Mystery fiction reading guide

From historical whodunnits and cosy crime to psychological thrillers and Scandi noir - our guide will help you find your next mystery read.

Short stories reading guide

Looking for something you can read easily in a lunch break? Find short stories in a range of genres, hand-picked by librarians.

Adventure fiction reading guide

Go on a mission full of suspense and action, loaded with obstacles and dangers - our guide will help you find your next adventure read.

New Zealand fiction reading guide

Discover fiction by New Zealand authors in a range of genres with our recommended author and novel lists.

Saga fiction reading guide

Stories of dynasties spanning generations and sometimes continents - our Saga fiction guide recommends epic tales to lose yourself in.

Western fiction reading guide

Gunfights, outlaws, and the pioneering life. If you like novels set in the American west have we got some reading lists for you, pardner.

Romance fiction reading guide

Like your Romance fiction modern or historical, rural or fantastical, restrained or raunchy? Our guide can help you find 'The One'.

Historical fiction reading guide

Recommended titles and authors for readers who love royal intrigue, fans of sagas, or those gripped by the action in historical adventure.

Fantasy fiction reading guide

Find Fantasy authors you might like to try and reading lists for a range of Fantasy sub-genres including Epic, Grimdark, and Urban Fantasy.

Horror fiction reading guide

Recommended reading lists for a range of horror fiction sub-genres, horror authors to try, and other horrific resources.

Graphic novels and comics reading guide

Graphic novels and comics

Great stories and great art come together in a range of genres and styles, including biographies - for kids, teens or adults.

LGBTQIA+ reading guide

LGBTQIA+ reading guide

Read the rainbow with fiction, biographies, and graphic novels.

Teen fiction reading guide

Fiction reading guide

Whatever kind of fiction you’re into, there’s a great story here for teens.

Award winners

For books that are a cut above - find shortlisted and award-winning titles of international and New Zealand literary prizes.

Award winners

Nobel Prize in Literature

The 2021 winner of this prestigious award has been announced: novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah.

National Book Award finalists and winners (U.S.A.)

Annual awards celebrating exceptional writing by Americans in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, translated, and young people's literature.

Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel

Check out the finalists for the Ngaio Marsh Award for the best crime novel by a New Zealand author.

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