LGBTQIA+ topic guide for teens

LGBTQIA+ topic guide for teens


LGBTQIA+ topic guide for teens

Find books, eBooks, eAudiobooks, and resources for rainbow teens. We recommend resources that explore and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community (LGBTQIA+ = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual).

LGBTQIA+ Booklists

LGBTQIA+ Graphic Novels for teens

A selection of graphic novels and comics for YA featuring LGBTQIA+ characters!

Gay fiction

YA fiction featuring gay characters - ranging from light-hearted rom-coms to thought-provoking and intense reads.

LGBTQIA+ Non-fiction for teens

A collection of titles about LGBTQIA+ history, and information on being young and gay.

LGBTQIA+ Science Fiction and Fantasy

Read the Rainbow with these science fiction and fantasy books.

LGBTQIA+ Horrors and Thrillers

Read the Rainbow with these thrillers and horrors - these titles are exciting, & some scary.

Gender diverse, Non-binary, Genderfluid

Read the Rainbow with fiction and non-fiction titles that include gender diverse, non-binary, and genderfluid people and identities.

Lesbian Fiction and Non-Fiction

Read the rainbow with these titles featuring lesbian characters and experiences.

Transgender fiction and non-fiction

Read the Rainbow with these books about transgender people and experiences.

LGBTQIA+ eAudiobooks & eBooks

Rainbow reads in eAudiobook or eBook form.

Diverse books: Sexuality

A list of young adult books with characters who identify across a range of different sexualities.

Diverse books: Gender identity

Here's a list of books where the characters don't fall into the gender binary, including true stories.

Award winners

LGBTQIA reading for teens in our collection




More LGBTQIA reading for teens

Out on the Shelves is an online resource that lists books with rainbow themes and characters, with the aim of supporting rainbow young people to find stories that represent their identities in positive and affirming ways. Out on the Shelves is run by InsideOUT, a national charity with the vision for all young people of minority sexualities, genders and sex characteristics in Aotearoa New Zealand to have a sense of belonging and safety in their schools and communities.

2019 Rainbow Book List
The List is a curated bibliography highlighting books with significant gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning content, aimed at children and youth from birth to age 18. Rainbow Books is a joint project of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) and the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) of the American Library Association (ALA).

LGBTQIA+ New Zealand organisations for teens

  • Qtopia provides support for rainbow young people in Ōtautahi Christchurch and the wider Waitaha Canterbury area.
  • RainbowYOUTH is a charitable organisation established in 1989 that works with queer and gender diverse youth as well as their wider communities to ensure that Aotearoa is a place where all young people can thrive.
  • InsideOUT is a New Zealand-wide organisation that works to make Aotearoa a safer place for all young people of minority sexualities, sexes and genders to live and be in.
  • OUTLine offers face-to-face counselling specialising in gender and sexuality. You can also call them to talk to a trained member of the LGBTIQ+ community. This service is free and confidential.
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