Classes and programmes

Christchurch City Libraries run a wide range of classes and programmes both in libraries and through its learning centres for everyone from babies to seniors.

To enquire about any programmes please contact us.  

2021 Bookings and Payment

Programme's requiring bookings are made online.  If you require support to make a booking, please ask staff at any Christchurch City Library or call 03-941-7923. Payment via debit or credit card is required at the time of booking. Paid programmes incur a booking fee. The fee is passed on to charity, find out more about the impact this has on our community. Refunds are available for cancellations made 48 hours prior to the programme starting.

Consent Form

We require a consent form to be completed for every child attending our programmes.  A link can be found at the time of purchase in ticketing information and will also be sent via the confirmation email. (Please not: we only require one form per child, per calendar year) 

Programme Evaluation

In order to continually improve our service and the programmes that we offer, your evaluation of the sessions that you have recently attended is invaluable to us. Please complete our online form to provide us with feedback.

Preschoolers’ programmes

School children

Adults and families

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