Arts and culture

Explore our resources on arts and culture.


Our architecture page has information on Christchurch architects, local architectural landmarks, and digitised building plans of historical buildings. It shows you how to find architectural resources in the catalogue, architecture databases in the Source, and recommended websites.


Our art resources include pages on local artists and information on how to locate art resources. We have pages on Māori art and public art.

Bill Elderton shares a page with Richard and Justine McKeogh
Bill Elderton shares a page with Richard and Justine McKeogh. Flickr CCL-Star-526

Books and reading

We link you to the best books. Recommended reading, literary prizes, and information on book festivals and events.

Crafts and collecting

Our libraries have a range of resources to improve your craft skills and give you creative ideas.


Links and resources for those interested in dance - where to find dance classes, performances and events, and online resources.


Resources for the dedicated follower of fashion – books, magazines and web sites on the elements of style. Our New Zealand fashion page has information on Kiwi fashion and designers.

Movies and TV

Get connected with film-related books, magazines, reviews, websites, and television series and movies on DVD.

Games and gaming

Games combine fun and learning. The library has resources on games from computer games to cards, mah jong to crosswords.


Resources for music lovers, those who want to read more about music related topics, and music learners.


Explore poetry-related resources and organisations. We show you how to find poetry in our collection, as well as resources on how to write and get it published.


Find out some famous Christchurch photographers, and explore our resources for photographers and those interested in looking at photos.


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