About eResources Discovery Search

eResource Discovery Search (eDS)

eResources Discovery Search (eDS) provides you with access to most of Christchurch City Libraries’ eResource collection, articles, eBooks, journals, photographs and more, through a single simultaneous search at a single access point.

eDS is designed to allow you easy access to most of our eResources collection including those eResources you may not even be aware of.

eDS has guest access which allows non-authenticated users to begin searching without logging in. You can search all resources but if you want to access the full text you will have to log on using your library card and password/PIN

eDS Tutorial

Have a look at EBSCO's search features which powers eDS, and how to get the most out of your eDS search and results. This tutorial demonstrates the features of the eDS interface, including how to search for information of interest to you.

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