Economics and politics

Economics and politics

Find information on the government, economy, law, crime, and politics.

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BWB Critical Issues Collection

A deep analysis of New Zealand's big issues, social, environmental and political.



Politics blog posts

Experts to deliver the ‘real deal’ before the election

If you are looking for the “real oil” ahead of the general election come to our Election Special sessions in August and September.

Unite under one cathedral, says former Attorney-General

Chris Finlayson has some unorthodox reckons about Christchurch's cathedrals in conversation with Kim Hill at WORD Christchurch 2022.

Poverty, privilege and New Zealand's place in the world

Paul reports on two different sessions with different perspectives on similar topics with Chris Finlayson, Max Rashbrooke and Dominic Hoey.

Elections and census


Local body elections

Every three years, the people of Christchurch get to vote for a Mayor, councillors and community board members. The next election is in 2025

New Zealand General Election

Find out about the New Zealand General Election, where to view electoral rolls, and more.

New Zealand Census

Find census information for New Zealand and around the world


Government and legal resources

More government and legal resources



Canterbury Police Gazette

The Canterbury Police Gazette, 1863-1877, lists stolen items, crimes, arrest warrants, apprehensions, gaol discharges & court trial results.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy

Oliver Stone’s 1992 movie JFK used as part of its evidence the front page of The Star of 23 November 1963. Find out more.

Parker-Hulme murder case

Newspaper coverage of the murder trial of Pauline Parker, 16, and Juliet Hulme, 15 in 1954.

New For You - True Crime - May 2024

What's new? Our selectors have hand-picked the top new additions to the collection of espionage, crime, murder, and everything in between.







News and other information

Papers Past

Digitised NZ newspapers, periodicals, letters, diaries & parliamentary papers from 1839 to 1945. Coverage incl The Press from 1861 to 1945.

The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2020

The Economist archive presents the worlds political and business news, every weekly issue between 1843 and 2020 — from cover to cover.

NewsBank -Access New Zealand

The largest online collection of national, regional, rural, and local news sources from across the North and South Islands.

The Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2016

Access the searchable digital archive of the world’s most authoritative daily business newspaper, from 1888 to 2016.
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