Reading recommendations – Non-fiction

Reading recommendations - Non-fiction

History, biographies, science and more - find your next favourite factual read at the library.

Explore our section devoted to non-fiction. You'll find staff picks and recommended reading in a range of topics, award-winners, popular authors and more.

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Looking for something less factual? Try our Fiction Reading Recommendations.

New non-fiction

New, on order, and recent non-fiction that library borrowers have given 5-star ratings.

Top rated Biography, History and New Zealand, and new and on order non-fiction

Top rated Cooking, Health, Music, Science and Travel titles

Non-fiction reading guides

Find recreational non-fiction with hand-picked lists of recommended titles, authors to try, and more.

non fiction reading guides

Arts and literature reading guide

Find fun reads that shed light on your favourite music, theatre or literature. Reads that inform and entertain just like great works of art.

Biography and memoir reading guide

The true stories of artists, inventors, icons, and influencers, as well as everyday people.

Personal development reading guide

Want to lead a more healthy, sustainable life, or try new challenges and hobbies? Great reads to help you be your best self.

More non-fiction reading guides

Popular science reading guide

Popular science takes science and makes it engaging and interesting to read. We recommend some great popular science titles and authors.

True crime reading guide

Truth can be stranger than fiction and just as gripping - read tales of murder, investigations, trials, and the wrongfully imprisoned.

World and travel reading guide

Be transported. Find reads that take you to exotic cities, feast on the foods of a foreign culture, or be inspired by real life adventurers.

For teens

Non-Fiction reading guide

Explore true stories and find resources on issues affecting youth.

Award winners

For books that are a cut above - find shortlisted and award-winning titles of international and New Zealand literary prizes.

Award winners

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