Ngā Kōrero Auaha – Creative Stories

Ngā Kōrero Auaha – Creative Stories

We talk to creators who have made things happen with Christchurch City Libraries Ngā Kete Wānanga o Ōtautahi.


Watch stories from our customers of how they use the library to be creative.

Videos made by Storylight

Frank uses the laser cutter to make patterns, vinyl prints t-shirts, and creates rehab equipment

Frank’s background in the textile and design industry inspired him to use the sewing and embroidery machines at Tūranga and South Libraries. He has used the laser cutter to cut patterns for glasses cases and vinyl printed t-shirts among other projects.

Three years ago, Frank had a haemorrhagic stroke which resulted in the loss of movement on his left side. As his rehabilitation progressed, Frank has used his skills to create rehab equipment at the library with the help and support of staff.

Frank's vision for the makerspace is to create a community of people who can collaborate and enhance their skills and knowledge.

Till Peters created his board game Castleshire by prototyping his ideas in the makerspace on Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4 at Tūranga

Over 6 years and many iterations, Till has come to the makerspace at Tūranga to create and test his concepts for his now-published game. With support from staff, he gained the skills to use design software on the computer, operate the laser cutter, and use the vacuum former among other tools. He also held a game testing event at the library and invited people to trial his game before the final version was published.
You can play Castleshire at Tūranga for free.

Find out more about Castleshire

Terry studies at the library

Terry Uriarau has been using Linwood Library at Eastgate to study for many years. As an adult student, learning digital skills has been vital to complete his assignments. With the help of the library staff, Terry has become much more confident and has rekindled his passion for learning.

Studying at libraries

Mako Design entrepreneurs Ann and Tara used the laser cutters at Christchurch City Libraries to prototype ideas while starting up their small business

Ann and Tara were looking for a place to create prototypes of their contemporary Māori jewellery designs and came across the laser cutter at Christchurch City Libraries. They used the Creative Time sessions to learn how to use the design software and trialled their ideas using a variety of offcuts and materials.

Once they were happy, they were able to take their designs to a larger manufacturer. Mako Design used the resources and staff knowledge at Christchurch City Libraries to help minimise their start-up costs. Laser cutters are currently available to use at South Library.

Mako Design

Indrani Bedi has scanned over 1500 slides and negatives using the Photo Scanner on Tūranga, Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4

Indrani came to the Creative Time sessions at Tūranga with thousands of photos and slides dating back more than 50 years and learned how to use the technology to digitize her precious memories. With help from library staff, Indrani gained the confidence to use the technology on her own and has become a familiar and friendly face at the central library.

Photo scanners are available to use at both Tūranga and Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre.

Rapper King Cass uses the Taupuni Oro/Ataata Audio/Video Studio at Tūranga to record and produce his motivational hip-hop music.

After struggling with addiction, Hunter Wilson aka King Cass decided to use his music to help others who are on a similar path. The Taupuni Oro/Ataata Audio/Video Studio at Tūranga is where Hunter spends his time – recording, mixing and producing his music, as well as using it as a space to mentor others. He also printed some of his own t-shirts using the equipment in Taupuni Waihanga / Production Studio on Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4

More about King Cass

The Ferriers use laser and vinyl cutting at Tūranga

When Denisse and Daniela needed support with launching their business Furniture | Le Ferrier design, they came to Tūranga. They prototyped some designs, trialled laser and vinyl cutting their branding onto wood and other materials, and also made some team tshirts.

The Burdetts use Taupuni Oro/Ataata Audio/Video Studio at Tūranga to record Lorelei's story

Lorelei and Rosanne Burdett talk about their experience using the Taupuni Oro/Ataata Audio/Video Studio, located on Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4 at Tūranga, to record an audio version of Lorelei's book Mummy Why Did You Lie in the Middle of the Road? about her mental health journey.


The story of a little book with a big heart

Passion, perseverance and patience helped Samantha Fairhall write, produce and self-publish a very special book – The Little Book of Smiles.

Meet the Makers - Kea Aerospace and Remix Plastic

Bonnie talks about two innovators who have used creative resources at the library to get their businesses off the ground.

Libraries keeping pace with changing face of sport

There was great enthusiasm from a group of young Esports players who got to unbox & try out new keyboard & mice at Upper Riccarton Library.


Listen to events and stories from our community.

Living books

Hear more about the Chat with a Living Book event that took place at Tūranga 4.30pm to 6pm, Thursday 20 October 2022. Christchurch City Libraries invited you to check out a 15-minute lounge chat with a unique and outstanding person from our community; a Living Book. Their interests cover music, art, film, social advocacy, the environment, entrepreneurship and so much more.

Our "Living Books" were:

  • King Cass
  • Kathleen Gallagher
  • Mrs Reihana 'Doe' Parata QSM
  • Denis O'Connor
  • Frankie MacKay
  • Wade Blackler

Find out about Living Books

Esports (Part One)

Bridie Anderson from Upper Riccarton Library talks to Henry Lawton from Victory Up – an online tournament site for gamers - about online gaming, especially in libraries and the League of Legends tournament. The transition of gaming from hobby to sport is discussed along with the impact and success of this move.

Transcript - Esports part one

Visit our page on League of Legends.

Esports (Part Two)

Bridie Anderson from Upper Riccarton Library speaks to Evie Howell, esports and events commentator, some of our rangatahi who competed in the 2021 League of Legends tournament, and their coach Christal Leung. We get to hear from some of the people involved in the League of Legends tournaments, what it’s like being in one and some of the things that happen behind the scenes of this very new sport. Interviewees include Bryan Gosal, Vladimir Buon and Gery Avila.

Transcript - Esports part two

Find out more

What have you made at the library?

We'd love to hear your stories about making stuff at the library, and see your photos - so we can share with the wider community.

Auahatanga - Creative Spaces

There is amazing technology at Christchurch City Libraries. Find out about each piece of gear, where you can find it, & how you can use it.

So Many Stories: the library Plains FM radio show

Join us on Plains FM radio to discover what our libraries are all about – connecting people, inspiring discovery, & enriching communities.

Cosplay and creative costuming

Photos of people getting creative with library resources to make costumes and cosplay.

My Library

My Library - Jeffrey Huffadine

Jeffrey is a keen customer of Tūranga. He has visited over a hundred times. He answered questions about what it means to him.

My Library - Robyn Chandler, Manager Literacy Christchurch

Robyn Chandler, Manager of Literacy Christchurch, talks about libraries.

My library – Rachael King

Writer and Programme Director of WORD Christchurch Rachael King talks to librarian Donna Robertson.

My Library - Philip Trusttum

The painter Philip Trusttum talks to librarian Joyce Fraser about libraries.

My Library - James Daniels

James Daniels, radio host of The Breeze, shares his thoughts about libraries.
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