Graphic novels and comics

Graphic novels and comics

Great stories and great art come together in a range of genres and styles, for kids, teens or adults.

Graphic novels and comics combine the plotting, pacing and character development of other storytelling formats but with the added power of visuals.

Whether it's a moody and emotive memoir, an action-packed adventure, or a sweet romance there's a graphic novel, Manga, or comic series for you.

Graphic novel reading lists

graphic novel and comics reading lists

Graphic Novel - General

There are heroes in plain clothes on these pages, waiting to soothe, encourage and delight you with beautifully rendered illustrations.

Super Weird Graphic Novels

Super Weird - a sub-genre of Weird Fiction - is characterised by unique and alternative storytelling. Expect the unexpected!

Graphic Novel Book Adaptions

Don't have the time or motivation to read the originals? Or just in the mood for some stunning art with your reading? Try these epic titles

Superhero Graphic Novels

Whether up in the sky or down in the streets, this list of graphic novels brings together superheroes of all shapes and sizes.

Classic Graphic Novels & Manga

A mix of fiction and non-fiction. Diverse in plot, theme, and illustration but united by being revolutionary examples of the medium.

Romance - Graphic Novels

Captivating stories of romance in all shapes and forms brought to life with vivid and emotive illustrations.

Historical Graphic Novels

A selection of historical graphic novels – both fiction and non-fiction – that can send you to a different time from the comfort of home!

Adventure Graphic Novels

Fast-paced and action-packed. Stories with heroes on a quest to save the world. Deadly opponents, desperate missions, daring rescues!

Fantasy Graphic Novels

Fables and folklore, swords and the supernatural, and anything in between. Discover new worlds of magic, mythology, gods and monsters.

Graphic novels - Horror

If you're looking for something horrifying this list of graphic novels will send a shiver down your spine.

Mystery - Graphic Novels

Captivating mystery stories about crime, the investigation and discovery of who did it with atmospheric artwork to match.

Science fiction - Graphic Novels

Sci-fi stories from the near future to far flung galaxies, interstellar travel, cyborgs, alien encounters and space warfare.

New Zealand Graphic Novels

Otherworldly tales, characters from Māori mythology, memoir and anthology - selected titles from talented kiwi artists and writers.

Saga - Graphic Novels

A collection of saga graphic novels.

Short Stories - Graphic Novels

Graphic novel collections of short and sweet (or hilarious, terrifying, or inspiring) stories: Kiwi writers, manga artists and award winners



Illustrated Biographies - Artists and Art

Graphic novels focusing on seminal artists and art movements - striking illustrations, unique glimpses into the lives of important artists.

Illustrated biographies - Famous people

A glimpse into the lives of celebrities, world leaders, political figures, sports stars, and other (in)famous people.

Illustrated Biographies - Music

Telling the story of musicians through the art of graphic novels is the perfect marriage of art and music.

Illustrated Biographies - LGBTQIA+

These biographies are written by LGBTQIA+ people from different places, times and ages. Stories of what it’s like to be here and queer.

Illustrated Biographies - Travel

A collection of the best biographical graphic travel novels available in our collection - a chance to travel without leaving your seat!

Illustrated biographies - Life, love and loss

Authors and cartoonists tell of their unique experiences with love, life, and loss in these beautifully illustrated graphic memoirs.

Illustrated Biographies - War and Conflict

If you enjoy true stories about people's lives during war or political and social upheaval, you may enjoy one of these graphic biographies.

Illustrated Biographies - Medical and mental health

Graphic novel stories of people who have faced and survived severe afflictions, either as sufferers or as carers.

For Kids and Teens

Best of 2021: Children's Graphic Novels

A selection of recommended titles for kids added to Christchurch City Libraries in 2021 in graphic novel format.

Rainbow Reads - Graphic Novels - Teens

A collection of graphic novels spanning a wide range of styles and topics, all with characters that fit somewhere on the rainbow spectrum.

Illustrated True Stories - Non-Fiction - Teens

Graphic novels are books too. Art and writing combine to bring these true stories to life. Roughly organised nice to gritty.

Graphic Novels - Teens

Step into the world of graphic novels and comics! Dynamic illustrations packed with action and emotion pull you into the story.

Race - Teens

A collection of young adult fiction and graphic novels features stories involving social or racial conflict.

Downloadable Graphic Novels - Teens

Stuck at home and missing the sweet thrill a good graphic novel can provide? This is a list of fantastic graphic novels you can access.

Graphic novel reading guide for teens

Graphic novels reading guide

Art and story come together in a range of genres and styles for teens.
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