Local history: places

This page links to information and photographs in our collections about the places and landmarks of Christchurch.

Local History - Places

Architectural heritage and local history

Memorials, clocks, fountains and landmarks

The Christchurch Documentary Project

Find out about The Christchurch Documentary Project:

Haunted by History

Haunted by History, created by Nataliya Oryshchuk and David Allen, NO Productions Theatre. This is a collection of videos exploring the history of the past of the Sign of the Takahē, Riccarton House, Mclean's Mansion, Cave Rock, and Mona Vale.

  1. Haunted by History: The Sign of the Takahē
  2. Haunted by History: Riccarton House
  3. Haunted by History: McLean's Mansion
  4. Haunted by History: Mona Vale
  5. Haunted by History: Cave Rock / Tuawera

It was created as part of Virtually Ōtautahi.

Researching places

From our Digital Collection

A selection of items digitised from our archives and reference collections.

Several publications relating to Akaroa.
Killinchy farm diary
Handwritten diary of farm activities and expenses on a Killinchy, Canterbury farm. The diary was started by Mathew O’Brien and continued by John O’Brien after his father’s death on 5 October 1897.
A collection of historical maps mostly of Christchurch and Canterbury.
Plans of Christchurch Buildings
A selection of architectural plans and drawings from the collection of the Strategy and Planning Group Heritage Archives, Christchurch City Council. The plans and drawings are of a range of buildings in Christchurch, dating from 1909 to 1968.
The Spur, Sumner : the property of S. Hurst Seager…
A pamphlet advertising the auction of the Spur properties designed by Samuel Hurst Seager. Includes floor plans, views of the cottage interiors, and general descriptions of the cottages. 1914
The Summit Road : its scenery, botany, and geology, 1914
This booklet contains articles by Blanche Baughan, Leonard Cockayne and Robert Speight on various aspects of the Summit Road, with an introduction by Harry Ell, and a brief mention of the work of the Summit Road Association. The booklet contains illustrations, panoramic profiles of the Port Hills, and a relief map.
Sumner by J.F. Menzies, 1941
A history of Sumner, written by J. F. Menzies, Sumner Town Clerk, in 1941, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sumner as a borough.
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