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Armchair Travel (bi-monthly)

See the world without ever leaving your favourite armchair in New Zealand! This list will bring you the best in travel writing, both classic and fresh, covering every corner of the globe. 

Biography and Memoir (monthly)

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes--immerse yourself in the lives of the famous, the infamous, and the ever intriguing. 

Books for Kids and Tweens (monthly)

Find out what’s new and cool! We’ll suggest fun, fascinating fiction (plus great nonfiction,) for kids and tweens. 

Fantasy and Science Fiction (monthly)

Whether fueled by magic or advanced technology, imagination is the engine of speculative fiction. This newsletter brings you the best of fantasy, science fiction, and everything in between.

Fiction A to Z (monthly)

Take a walk through the aisles of our general fiction section and discover a range of fascinating characters to engage and enlighten.

Historical Fiction (monthly)

Do you prefer novels with period detail? Become part of history, without having to slop through the mud or face the guillotine yourself. 

History and Current Events (monthly)

For those that like their history in-the-can, or not yet made, this list delivers the world. 

Home, Garden, and DIY (bi-monthly)

Whether you wield a hammer, whisk, spade, or crochet hook, this newsletter will keep you busy with a constant stream of projects. 

Nature and Science (bi-monthly)

No equation, test tube, snowflake, or leaf is left unturned! Explore the wonder of our world with books that will capture your 'natural' curiosity.

Page to Screen (bi-monthly)

Read the books that have been adapted into buzz-worthy movies and tv shows coming soon to a screen near you.

Picture Books (monthly)

Looking for great picture books to share with the children in your life? You'll find books here that are sure to captivate the imaginations of kids ages 0-8. 

Teen Scene (monthly)

All types of fiction for those who want to imagine different realities -- and nonfiction for those who are trying to understand ours! For high school readers age 14 and up. 

Thrillers and Suspense (monthly)

Footsteps behind you. Conspiracy theories. Puddles of blood. Sound like a good day to you? This list has goosebumps to spare. 

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