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Online and interactive version of Encyclopædia Britannica. All branches of knowledge are covered in this resource aimed at older students and adults.

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Key features

Easy access to reliable and current information on most topics. Information is enriched by:

  • Articles that can be read by the online narrator;
  • An interactive world atlas;
  • Biographies searchable by era, nationality and what they are known for;
  • A country comparison tool;
  • Thousands of images, videos and audio files;
  • Latest news headlines that include coverage from the New Zealand Herald;
  • Te Ara — The Encyclopedia of New Zealand;
  • Tools to email, cite and print.

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More information

Research can be stored in your own personal account created under Research Tools and Materials. My Britannica is a way for you to keep what is useful to you safe so you can come back to where you started and know where you have been. Britannica articles and media are arranged into helpful search groups. These include:

  • Animals;
  • Art and Literature;
  • Earth and Geography;
  • History;
  • Philosophy and religion;
  • Plants;
  • Science and mathematics;
  • Society;
  • Technology;
  • Health and physical education.

Britannica Library offers three libraries: Britannica Library Adult, Britannica Library Teens and Britannica Library Kids.

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